WebERP explained

Developer:Phil Daintree & Tim Schofield
Latest Release Version:3.10.2
Latest Preview Version:cvs-20090120
Frequently Updated:yes
Programming Language:PHP
Operating System:Windows, Linux, Unix
Language:14 languages
License:GPL (version 2)
Website:Sourceforge Project site, WebERP

webERP is an open source ERP system for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME).

The application and source code is provided based on the GNU General Public License.


Multi-language, Multi-currency, complex tax system support. Multiple inventory locations with serial number and lot tracking facilities. Full double entry accounting. Flexible pricing on inventory items. Discount Matrix, Shipment costing. Emailable PDF reports. Fast PHP created HTML for any browser. Multi-level Bills of Material. Sales orders support assemblies and kit-sets.


webERP is a web-based LAMP application with the goals being:

A light-weight HTTP/S interface suitable for both high and low speed Internet connections.Little or no use of java or javascript.Strong data integrity/security via innodb database type, and a full history on all transactions.


webERP has been translated from English, into the following languages:

Database Support

In July 2007, postgreSQL support was discontinued from future versions.


The latest release is 3.10.2, released in March 2009. This version includes:

Version 3.09 included:

Version 3.08 included:

The code base has been stable for some years.

CVS versions are still in active development. Developers consult via the WebERP developers mailing list.

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