Tim Alexander Explained

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Tim "Herb" Alexander
Birth Name:Tim Alexander
Born:10 April 1965
Cherry Point, North Carolina, U.S.
Instrument:drums, vocals, guitar
Genre:Jazz fusion
Funk metal
Alternative rock
Years Active:1989 - present
Label:Prawn Song
Associated Acts:Primus
Fata Morgana
A Perfect Circle
Into The Presence
Attention Deficit

Tim "Herb" Alexander (born April 10, 1965 in Cherry Point, North Carolina) is an American musician, best known as the drummer for the rock band Primus. Tim played on the Primus recordings Suck on This, Frizzle Fry, Sailing the Seas of Cheese, Miscellaneous Debris, Pork Soda, and Tales from the Punchbowl, before leaving the band in 1996, only to rejoin in 2003 for the EP Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People.

Alexander has also played with experimental bass player Michael Manring and the related Attention Deficit project (both of which also featured Alex Skolnick), joined the theatrical group Blue Man Group, and occasionally played with the Las Vegas-based improvisational rock band Uberschall. He has also played with the indie band Laundry singing along with carrying the drum duties on their second release Motivator and recorded a couple of albums with stickist Linda Cushma.

Although he states that he was originally inspired to become a rock drummer by John Bonham and Neil Peart, Primus guitarist Larry LaLonde claims Alexander's drum beats are mostly influenced by African Jùjú music. Prior to joining Primus, he played and recorded with Major Lingo, which at the time was a ska-based rhythm band that featured a lap steel guitar as the lead instrument, played by Tony Bruno.

Alexander was the first drummer of A Perfect Circle, performing early live shows with the band, and recording drums for the track "The Hollow" on the band's debut album, Mer de Noms. He is listed as a member in the band's DVD/CD release aMOTION. Alexander is also listed as a member of the Puscifer side project of Maynard James Keenan from both the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle. As of 2006 he completed recordings on an album titled Fata Morgana. The album was written, produced,and almost entirely performed by Tim Alexander with guest performances by Luis Carlos Maldonado, Tony Levin of Peter Gabriel, Paz Lenchantin of A Perfect Circle and Zwan, Chris Peeler, Todd Minnix, and Sam Lersch of Fred Green.

Alexander is currently involved a project called Into The Presence consisting of Nicki Tedesco, and Luis Carlos Maldonado. The album, soon to be released, features guest performances by Paz Lenchantin and Ana Lenchantin.


Drums:TAMA,18"x20" Bass Drum 16"x18" Bass Drum 5.5"x14" Bronze PBZ355 Snare Drum6"x14" Starclassic G Maple Snare Drum 8"x8" Tom Tom 9"x10" Tom Tom 10"x12" Tom Tom 14"x14" Floor Tom 14"x20" Gong Bass Drum 16"x16" Floor Tom Octoban Low-Pitch Set

Hardware:TAMA,many various boom and straight cymbal stands

Cymbals:Zildjian,9.5" & 6" Zil-Bells, 13" Z Custom Dyno Beat Hi-Hats, 18",17" & 16" A Medium Crashes, 18" A Rock Crash, 6" & 8" A splash, 12" A Special Recording Hi-Hats, 13" A New-Beat Hi-Hats, 18" Oriental China Trash, 22" K Custom Ride.

Sticks:Zildjian,Tim Alexander Artist Series (16" length, 0.53" diameter)


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