Shop Boyz Explained

Shop Boyz
Img Capt:The Shop Boyz
Origin:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Genre:Hip hop
Years Active:2004-Present
Label:OnDeck Records/Universal Republic
Current Members:Demetrius "Meanie" Hardin
Richard "Fat" Stevens
Rasheed "Sheed" Hightower

The Shop Boyz are a Grammy-nominated, Atlanta-based hip hop group, originating from the Bowen Homes housing projects.[1] They are most known for their single "Party Like a Rockstar" off their debut album Rockstar Mentality. The group consists of members Demetrius "Meany" Hardin, Richard "Fat" Stevens and Rasheed "Sheed" Hightower. [1]

Rockstar Mentality

The group's debut album, Rockstar Mentality, was released through OnDeck Records, an imprint of Universal Records on June 19, 2007.[1] The lead single, "Party Like a Rockstar" charted on the Billboard rap charts as well as the Hot 100 (peaking at #2 on the Charts). "Party Like a Rockstar" was also the number one selling ringtone of 2007.[2] Despite the success of "Party Like A Rockstar", the album sold fewer than 200,000 copies as of August 24, 2007. [3]

Shop Boyz was selected to perform at CollegeFest 2007 in Boston MA. The Shop Boyz released a new single called "Up Thru There" in September 2008.Up Thru There is played on Hot 107.9 Atlanta, Georgia.


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