Sarah Holcomb Explained

Sarah Holcomb
Yearsactive:1978 - 1980
Notable Role:Clorette DePasto in National Lampoon's Animal House
Maggie O'Hooligan in Caddyshack

Sarah Holcomb (born 1960) is an actress who appeared in just four films, but two of them were among the most successful comedies of their era, National Lampoon's Animal House in 1978 and Caddyshack in 1980. She is best remembered for her debut role, in Animal House as Clorette DePasto, the under-aged daughter of shady Mayor Carmine DePasto, although she herself was aged 18.

Sarah Holcomb attended high school at the American School Foundation in Mexico City, where she starred in many plays.

Holcomb's retirement from acting after Caddyshack has been attributed by Animal House screenwriter Chris Miller to drug addiction, which he blames on the "fast crowd" of the cast and crew of that film, who were all older than Holcomb.[1]

Despite rumors to the contrary, she is not dead. She is now "living a quiet, life in Connecticut under a different name" and does not wish to be found.



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