Sara Renner Explained

Sara Renner (born April 10, 1976 in Golden, British Columbia) is a Canadian cross country skier who has competed since 1994. With Beckie Scott, she won the silver medal in the team sprint event at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin and earned her best individual finish of 8th in the 10 km classical event in those same games.

Notable placings

2006 Winter Olympics

Norwegian coach Bjørnar Håkensmoen gave Sara Renner a ski pole after hers was broken when a competitor stepped on it during the cross country team sprint ar the 2006 Winter Olympics. Norway's competitor ended up fourth, implying that this selfless act of sportsmanship may well have cost the Norwegian team a medal. [1] Renner gave Håkensmoen a bottle of wine as a thank you, while other Canadians responded with phone calls and letters to the Norwegian Embassy. Canadian businessman Michael Page donated 8,000 cans of Maple Syrup to the Norwegian Olympic Committee to show his gratitude. [2]

Personal life

In 2001 Renner posed nude in a calendar called "Nordic Nudes" to help raise money for the Canadian women's Nordic ski team. Teammates, Beckie Scott, Milaine Thériault, Jaime Fortier and sister Amanda Fortier also posed nude for the calendar. [3]

Sara Renner is married to retired Italian-Canadian alpine skier Thomas Grandi. Grandi had family support out for himself and his wife during the Turin Olympics.

On September 18, 2006 Renner announced that she is taking the year off to have a baby with husband Thomas Grandi. Renner is committed to coming back after her baby is born, and leading the women's team to Vancouver 2010.

On February 2, 2007 Renner gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Aria at a hospital in Banff, Alberta. She and Grandi live in Canmore, Alberta.[4]


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