Preakness Stakes Explained

The Preakness Stakes is an American flat Thoroughbred horse race for three-year-olds held on the third Saturday in May each year at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. It is a Grade I race run over a distance of 9.5 furlongs on dirt. Colts and geldings carry 126 pounds (57 kg); fillies 121 lb (55 kg). It is the second leg of the US Triple Crown, with the Kentucky Derby preceding it and the Belmont Stakes following it. The horse must win all three races to win the Triple Crown.

The Preakness Stakes has been termed "The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans" because a blanket of Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia hirta, the state flower of Maryland) is traditionally placed around the winner's neck. The attendance at the Preakness Stakes ranks second in North America and usually surpasses the attendance of all other stakes races including the Belmont Stakes, the Breeders' Cup and the Kentucky Oaks. The attendance of the Preakness Stakes typically only trails the Kentucky Derby, for more information see American Thoroughbred Racing top Attended Events.


Two years before the Kentucky Derby was run for the first time, Pimlico introduced its new stakes race for three-year-olds, the Preakness, during its first-ever spring race meet in 1873. Former Maryland Governor Oden Bowie named the then mile and one-half (2.41 km) race in honor of the colt Preakness from Milton Holbrook Sanford's Preakness Stables in Preakness, Wayne Township, New Jersey, who won the Dinner Party Stakes on the day Pimlico opened (October 25, 1870). The New Jersey name was said to have come from the Native American name Pra-qua-les ("Quail Woods") for the area.[1] After Preakness won the Dinner Party Stakes, his jockey, Billy Hayward, untied a silk bag of gold coins that hung from a wire stretched across the track from the judges’ stand. This was the supposed way that the “wire” at the finish line was introduced and how the awarding of “purse” money came to be.[2]

The first Preakness, held on May 27, 1873, drew seven starters. John Chamberlain's three-year-old, Survivor, collected the $2,050 winning purse by galloping home easily by 10 lengths. This was the largest margin of victory until 2004, when Smarty Jones won by 11 1/2 lengths.[3]

In 1890 Morris Park Racecourse in the Bronx, New York hosted the Preakness Stakes after which there was no race run for three years. For the 15 years from 1894 through 1908, the race was held at Gravesend Race Track on Coney Island, New York. In 1909 it returned to Pimlico.[4]

In March 2009 Magna Entertainment Corp., which owns Pimlico, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy thus throwing open the possibility the Stakes could move again. On April 13, 2009, the Maryland Legislature approved a plan to buy the Stakes and the Pimlico course if Magna Entertainment cannot find a buyer.[5]

Evolution of the Triple Crown series

The Preakness is the second leg in American thoroughbred racing's Triple Crown series and almost always attracts the Kentucky Derby winner, some of the other horses that ran in the Derby, and often a few horses that did not start in the Derby. The Preakness is 1 3/16 miles, or 9½ furlongs, compared to the Kentucky Derby, which is 1¼ miles. It is followed by the third leg, the Belmont Stakes, which is 1½ miles.

Since 1932, the order of Triple Crown races has the Kentucky Derby first, followed by the Preakness Stakes and then the Belmont Stakes. Prior to 1932, the Preakness was run before the Derby eleven times. On May 12, 1917 and again on May 13, 1922, the Preakness and the Derby were run on the same day.[6]

Today, the Preakness is run on the third Saturday in May, two weeks after the Kentucky Derby.

Running the race

Just after the horses for the Preakness are called to the post, the audience is invited to sing "Maryland, My Maryland", the official state song of Maryland. Traditionally, the United States Naval Academy Glee Club assembles in the Pimlico infield to lead the song.

As soon as the Preakness winner has been declared official, a painter climbs a ladder to the top of a replica of the Old Clubhouse cupola. The colors of the victorious owner's silks are applied on the jockey and horse that are part of the weather vane atop the infield structure. The practice began in 1909 when a horse and rider weather vane sat atop the old Members' Clubhouse, which was constructed when Pimlico opened in 1870. The Victorian building was destroyed by fire in June 1966. A replica of the old building's cupola was built to stand in the Preakness winner's circle in the infield.[7]

A blanket of yellow flowers daubed with black lacquer to recreate the appearance of a black-eyed Susan[8] (see below) is placed around the winning horse's neck at this time,[9] and a replica of the Woodlawn Vase is given to the winning horse's owner. Should that horse have also won the Kentucky Derby, speculation and excitement immediately begin to mount as to whether that horse will go on to win the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing at the Belmont Stakes in June.

Winning the race

In 1917, the first Woodlawn Vase was awarded to the Preakness winner, who was not allowed to keep it. Eventually a half-size reproduction of the trophy was given to winners to keep permanently. The original trophy is kept at the Baltimore Museum of Art and brought to the race each year under guard, for the winner's presentation ceremony.[10]

In 1940, it was proposed to drape the winning horse in a garland of black-eyed Susans, the state flower of Maryland. This posed a problem, as the race is run nearly two months before the flowers come into bloom in late June or July. At first, yellow daisies were painted to resemble black-eyed Susans; workers switched to chrysanthemums later. Although the Preakness is sometimes referred to as "the race for the black-eyed Susans", no black-eyed Susan is ever used.[11] [12]

In 1918, 26 horses entered the race, and it was run in two divisions, providing for two winners that year. Currently, the race is limited to 14 horses.

In 1948, the Preakness was televised for the first time by CBS.

The Preakness has been run at seven different distances:


Speed record:

notes: Prior to 1992 all times were measured in 1/5 of a seconds. In 1992 and after technology permitted times to be measured in 1/100 of a second, but all times are rounded down to the nearest 1/5 of a second for comparison purposes.
(Secretariat, the 1973 winner, is credited with running 1:53 2/5 by the Daily Racing Form. However, the timer malfunctioned during that race, stopping the clock at 1:55. Two Daily Racing Form clockers timed Secretariat's Preakness in 1:53 2/5, a new track record. A hearing was held over the time discrepancy, where a video replay proved Secretariat reached the wire before Canonero II, the then-current record holder. But instead of giving Secretariat the record, the Maryland Jockey Club decided to split the difference and make its official time that of the Pimlico's clocker, who timed the race in 1:54 2/5. To this day, the Daily Racing Form holds Secretariat as the record-holder of the fastest Preakness in history, 1:53 2/5. This would give the 1973 winner track records in each leg of the Triple Crown.)

Margin of Victory

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

Most wins by an owner:

Fillies in the Preakness

Five fillies have won the Preakness in 136 races:

(Three fillies have won the Kentucky Derby in 134 races, and three fillies have won the Belmont stakes in 139 races. On average, fillies have won between 2% and 3% of the Triple Crown races, with similar numbers for geldings; while about 95% of these high-stakes races have been won by colts.)

Winners of The Preakness Stakes since 1873

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2011Shackleford3Dale RomansJesus CastanonMichael Lauffer & W. D. Cubbedge1-3/161:56.47$1,550,000+I
2010Lookin At Lucky3Martin GarciaBob BaffertMichael Pegram1-3/161:55.47$1,000,000I
2009Rachel Alexandra3Calvin BorelSteve AsmussenStonestreet Stables/H. T. McCormick1-3/161:55.08$1,100,000+I
2008Big Brown3Kent DesormeauxRichard DutrowIEAH Stables & P. Pompa, Jr.1-3/161:54.86$1,000,000I
2007Curlin3Robby AlbaradoSteve AsmussenStonestreet Stables et al.1-3/161:53.46$1,000,000I
2006Bernardini3Javier CastellanoTom AlbertraniDarley Stables1-3/161:54.65$1,000,000I
2005Afleet Alex3Jeremy RoseTimothy RitcheyCash Is King Stable1-3/161:55.04$1,000,000I
2004Smarty Jones3Stewart ElliottJohn ServisSomeday Farm1-3/161:55.59$1,000,000I
2003Funny Cide3Jose SantosBarclay TaggSackatoga Stable1-3/161:55.61$1,000,000I
2002War Emblem3Victor EspinozaBob BaffertThe Thoroughbred Corp.1-3/161:56.40$1,000,000I
2001Point Given3Gary StevensBob BaffertThe Thoroughbred Corp.1-3/161:55.40$1,000,000I
2000Red Bullet3Jerry BaileyJoe OrsenoStronach Stables1-3/161:56.00$1,000,000I
1999Charismatic3Chris AntleyD. Wayne LukasBob & Beverly Lewis1-3/161:55.20$1,000,000I
1998Real Quiet3Kent DesormeauxBob BaffertMichael Pegram1-3/161:54.60$1,000,000I
1997Silver Charm3Gary StevensBob BaffertBob & Beverly Lewis1-3/161:54.80$1,000,000I
1996Louis Quatorze3Pat DayNick ZitoCondren/Cornacchia/Hofmann1-3/161:53.40$800,000I
1995Timber Country3Pat DayD. Wayne LukasOverbrook/Gainesway/Lewis1-3/161:54.40$750,000I
1994Tabasco Cat3Pat DayD. Wayne LukasD. P. Reynolds & Overbrook1-3/161:56.40$750,000I
1993Prairie Bayou3Mike SmithTom BohannanLoblolly Stable1-3/161:56.60$750,000I
1992Pine Bluff3Chris McCarronTom BohannanLoblolly Stable1-3/161:55.60$750,000I
1991Hansel3Jerry BaileyFrank L. BrothersLazy Lane Farms1-3/161:54.00$750,000I
1990Summer Squall3Pat DayNeil J. HowardDogwood Stable1-3/161:53.60$750,000I
1989Sunday Silence3Pat ValenzuelaCharlie WhittinghamH-G-W Partners1-3/161:53.80$750,000I
1988Risen Star3Ed DelahoussayeLouie Roussel IIILouie Roussel & R. Lamarque1-3/161:56.20$700,000I
1987Alysheba3Chris McCarronJack Van BergDorothy Scharbauer1-3/161:55.80$700,000I
1986Snow Chief3Alex SolisMelvin F. StuteCarl Grinstead1-3/161:54.80$700,000I
1985Tank's Prospect3Pat DayD. Wayne LukasEugene V. Klein1-3/161:53.40$700,000I
1984Gate Dancer3Angel Cordero, Jr.Jack Van BergKenneth Opstein1-3/161:53.60$400,000I
1983Deputed Testamony3Donald Miller, Jr.J. William BonifaceBonita Farm1-3/161:55.40$400,000I
1982Aloma's Ruler3Jack KaenelJohn J. Lenzini, Jr.Nathan Scherr1-3/161:55.40$350,000I
1981Pleasant Colony3Jorge VelasquezJohn P. CampoBuckland Farm1-3/161:54.60$350,000I
1980Codex3Angel Cordero, Jr.D. Wayne LukasTartan Stable1-3/161:54.20$300,000I
1979Spectacular Bid3Ronnie FranklinBud DelpHawksworth Farm1-3/161:54.20$300,000I
1978Affirmed3Steve CauthenLaz BarreraHarbor View Farm1-3/161:54.40$250,000I
1977Seattle Slew3Jean CruguetBill TurnerKaren L. Taylor1-3/161:54.40$250,000I
1976Elocutionist3John LivelyPaul T. AdwellEugene C. Cashman1-3/161:55.00$250,000I
1975Master Derby3Darrel McHargueSmiley AdamsGolden Chance Farm1-3/161:56.40$250,000I
1974Little Current3Miguel A. RiveraLou RondinelloDarby Dan Farm1-3/161:54.60$250,000I
1973Secretariat3Ron TurcotteLucien LaurinMeadow Stable1-3/161:54.40$250,000I
1972Bee Bee Bee3Eldon NelsonDel W. CarrollWilliam S. Farish III1-3/161:55.60$250,000
1971Canonero II3Gustavo AvilaJuan AriasEdgar Caibett1-3/161:54.00$250,000
1970Personality3Eddie BelmonteJohn W. JacobsEthel D. Jacobs1-3/161:56.20$250,000
1969Majestic Prince3Bill HartackJohnny LongdenFrank M. McMahon1-3/161:55.60$250,000
1968Forward Pass3Ismael ValenzuelaHenry ForrestCalumet Farm1-3/161:56.80$250,000
1967Damascus3Bill ShoemakerFrank WhiteleyEdith W. Bancroft1-3/161:55.20$250,000
1966Kauai King3Don BrumfieldHenry ForrestFord Stable1-3/161:55.40$250,000
1965Tom Rolfe3Ron TurcotteFrank WhiteleyPowhatan Stable1-3/161:56.20$250,000
1964Northern Dancer3Bill HartackHoratio LuroWindfields Farm1-3/161:56.80$250,000
1963Candy Spots3Bill ShoemakerMesh TenneyRex C. Ellsworth1-3/161:56.20$250,000
1962Greek Money3John L. RotzVirgil W. RainesBrandywine Stable1-3/161:56.20$250,000
1961Carry Back3Johnny SellersJack A. PriceKatherine Price1-3/161:57.60$250,000
1960Bally Ache3Bobby UsseryJimmy PittTurfland1-3/161:57.60$250,000
1959Royal Orbit3William HarmatzReggie CornellHalina Gregory Braunstein1-3/161:57.00$250,000
1958Tim Tam3Ismael ValenzuelaHorace A. JonesCalumet Farm1-3/161:57.20$165,000
1957Bold Ruler3Eddie ArcaroJim FitzsimmonsWheatley Stable1-3/161:56.20$110,000
1956Fabius3Bill HartackHorace A. JonesCalumet Farm1-3/161:58.40$150,000
1955Nashua3Eddie ArcaroJim FitzsimmonsBelair Stud1-3/161:54.60$110,000
1954Hasty Road3John H. AdamsHarry TrotsekHasty House Farm1-3/161:57.40$150,000
1953Native Dancer3Eric GuerinBill WinfreyAlfred G. Vanderbilt II1-3/161:57.80$110,000
1952Blue Man3Conn McCrearyWoody StephensWhite Oak Stable1-3/161:57.40$150,000
1951Bold3Eddie ArcaroPreston M. BurchBrookmeade Stable1-3/161:56.40$150,000
1950Hill Prince3Eddie ArcaroCasey HayesChristopher Chenery1-3/161:59.20$100,000
1949Capot3Ted AtkinsonJohn M. Gaver, Sr.Greentree Stable1-3/161:56.00$150,000
1948Citation3Eddie ArcaroHorace A. JonesCalumet Farm1-3/162:02.40$160,000
1947Faultless3Douglas DodsonHorace A. JonesCalumet Farm1-3/161:59.00$160,000
1946Assault3Warren MehrtensMax HirschKing Ranch1-3/162:01.40$160,000
1945Polynesian3Wayne D. WrightMorris H. DixonGertrude T. Widener1-3/161:58.80$110,000
1944Pensive3Conn McCrearyBen A. JonesCalumet Farm1-3/161:59.20$100,000
1943Count Fleet3Johnny LongdenDon CameronFannie Hertz1-3/161:57.40$75,000
1942Alsab3Basil JamesSarge SwenkeMrs. Albert Sabath1-3/161:57.00$100,000
1941Whirlaway3Eddie ArcaroBen A. JonesCalumet Farm1-3/161:58.80$75,000
1940Bimelech3Fred A. SmithWilliam J. HurleyEdward R. Bradley1-3/161:58.60$75,000
1939Challedon3George SeaboLouis J. SchaeferWilliam L. Brann1-3/161:59.80$75,000
1938Dauber3Maurice PetersRichard E. HandlenFoxcatcher Farms1-3/161:59.80$75,000
1937War Admiral3Charley KurtsingerGeorge ConwayGlen Riddle Farm1-3/161:58.40$75,000
1936Bold Venture3George WoolfMax HirschMorton L. Schwartz1-3/161:59.00$50,000
1935Omaha3Willie SaundersJim FitzsimmonsBelair Stud1-3/161:58.40$50,000
1934High Quest3Robert JonesRobert A. SmithBrookmeade Stable1-3/161:58.20$50,000
1933Head Play3Charley KurtsingerThomas P. HayesSilas B. Mason1-3/162:02.00$50,000
1932Burgoo King3Eugene JamesH. J. ThompsonEdward R. Bradley1-3/161:59.80$90,000
1931Mate3George EllisJames W. HealyAlbert C. Bostwick, Jr.1-3/161:59.00$90,000
1930Gallant Fox3Earl SandeJim FitzsimmonsBelair Stud1-3/162:00.60$90,000
1929Dr. Freeland3Louis SchaeferThomas J. HealeyWalter J. Salmon, Sr.1-3/162:01.60$90,000
1928Victorian3Raymond WorkmanJames G. Rowe, Jr.Harry P. Whitney1-3/162:00.20$90,000
1927Bostonian3Whitey AbelFred HopkinsHarry P. Whitney1-3/162:01.60$100,000
1926Display3John MaibenThomas J. HealeyWalter J. Salmon, Sr.1-3/161:59.80$90,000
1925Coventry3Clarence KummerWilliam B. DukeGifford A. Cochran1-3/161:59.00$90,000
1924Nellie Morse3John MerimeeAlbert B. GordonBud Fisher1⅛1:57.20$90,000
1923Vigil3Benny MarinelliThomas J. HealeyWalter J. Salmon, Sr.1⅛1:53.60$90,000
1922Pillory3Louis MorrisThomas J. HealeyRichard T. Wilson, Jr.1⅛1:51.60$90,000
1921Broomspun3Frank ColtilettiJames G. Rowe, Sr.Harry P. Whitney1⅛1:54.20$75,000
1920Man o' War3Clarence KummerLouis FeustelGlen Riddle Farm1⅛1:51.60$40,000
1919Sir Barton3Johnny LoftusH. Guy BedwellJ. K. L. Ross1⅛1:53.00$40,000
1918War Cloud3Johnny LoftusWalter B. JenningsA. Kingsley Macomber1⅛1:53.60$20,000
1918Jack Hare, Jr.3Charles PeakFrank D. WeirW. E. Applegate1⅛1:53.40$20,000
1917Kalitan3Everett HaynesBill HurleyEdward R. Bradley1⅛1:54.40$7,500
1916Damrosch3Linus McAteeAlbert G. WestonJ. K. L. Ross1⅛1:54.80$2,000
1915Rhine Maiden3Douglas HoffmanFrank DeversEdward F. Whitney1⅛1:58.00$2,000
1914Holiday3Andy SchuttingerJ. Simon HealyMrs. A. Barklie1⅛1:53.80$2,000
1913Buskin3James ButwellJohn WhalenJohn Whalen1⅛1:53.40$3,000
1912Colonel Holloway3Clarence TurnerDave WoodfordBeverwyck Stable1⅛1:56.60$2,500
1911Watervale3Eddie DuganJohn WhalenAugust Belmont, Jr.1⅛1:51.00$4,500
1910Layminster3Roy EstepJ. Simon HealyEdward B. Cassatt1 mile1:40.60$5,500
1909Effendi3Willie DoyleFrank C. FrisbieW. T. Ryan1 mile1:39.80$5,500
1908Royal Tourist3Eddie DuganA. Jack JoynerHarry P. Whitney1-1/161:46.40$4,000
1907Don Enrique3George MountainJohn WhalenAugust Belmont, Jr.1-1/161:45.40$3,800
1906Whimsical3Walter MillerTim J. GaynorTim J. Gaynor1-1/161:45.00$3,800
1905Cairngorm3Willie DavisA. Jack JoynerSydney Paget1-1/161:45.80$3,600
1904Bryn Mawr3Gene HildebrandW. Fred PresgraveGoughacres Stable1-1/161:44.20$3,800
1903Flocarline3William GannonH. C. RiddleM. H. Tichenor1-1/161:44.80$3,000
1902Old England3L. JacksonGreen B. MorrisGreen B. Morris1-1/161:45.80$3,750
1901The Parader3F. LandryThomas J. HealeyRichard T. Wilson, Jr.1-1/161:47.20$2,650
1900Hindus3Henry SpencerJohn H. MorrisGeorge J. Long1-1/161:48.40$3,000
1899Half Time3Richard ClawsonFrank McCabePhilip J. Dwyer1-1/161:47.00$2,500
1898Sly Fox3Willie SimmsHardy Campbell, Jr.Charles F. Dwyer1-1/161:49.75$2,400
1897Paul Kauvar3T. ThorpeThomas P. HayesThomas P. Hayes1-1/161:51.25$2,400
1896Margrave3Henry GriffinByron McClellandAugust Belmont, Jr.1-1/161:51.00$2,250
1895Belmar3Fred TaralEdward FeakesPreakness Stables1-1/161:50.50$2,250
1894Assignee3Fred TaralWilliam LakelandJames & Foxhall Keene1-1/161:49.25$3,000
1893No Race3No RaceNo RaceNo Raceno race0:00.00no race
1892No Race3No RaceNo RaceNo Raceno race0:00.00no race
1891No Race3No RaceNo RaceNo Raceno race0:00.00no race
1890Montague3Willie MartinEdward FeakesPreakness Stables2:36.75$2,000
1889Buddhist3George AndersonJohn W. RogersSamuel S. Brown2:17.50$2,000
1888Refund3Fred LittlefieldR. W. WaldenR. W. Walden2:49.00$2,000
1887Dunboyne3William DonohueWilliam JenningsWilliam Jennings2:39.50$2,500
1886The Bard3S. FisherJohn HugginsA. J. Cassatt2:45.00$3,000
1885Tecumseh3Jim McLaughlinCharles LittlefieldW. Donohue2:49.00$3,000
1884Knight of Ellerslie3S. FisherThomas DoswellR. Hancock & T. Doswell2:39.50$3,000
1883Jacobus3George BarbeeR. DwyerJames E. Kelley2:42.50$2,500
1882Vanguard3Tom CostelloR. W. WaldenGeorge L. Lorillard2:44.50$2,000
1881Saunterer3Tom CostelloR. W. WaldenGeorge L. Lorillard2:40.50$3,000
1880Grenada3Lloyd HughesR. W. WaldenGeorge L. Lorillard2:40.50$3,000
1879Harold3Lloyd HughesR. W. WaldenGeorge L. Lorillard2:40.50$4,000
1878Duke of Magenta3C. HollowayR. W. WaldenGeorge L. Lorillard2:41.75$3,500
1877Cloverbrook3C. HollowayJeter WaldenE. A. Clabaugh2:45.50$2,500
1876Shirley3George BarbeeW. BrownPierre Lorillard IV2:44.75$3,000
1875Tom Ochiltree3Lloyd HughesR. W. WaldenJohn F. Chamberlain2:43.50$3,000
1874Culpepper3William DonohueHugh GaffneyHugh Gaffney2:56.50$3,000
1873Survivor3George BarbeeA. Davis PryorJohn F. Chamberlain2:43.00$3,000

See also: Triple Crown Productions.

A designates a Triple Crown Winner.
A designates a filly.
A + designates a purse increase (In 2011 Shackleford qualified for the $550,000 Xpressbet Consolation prize as part of The Preakness 5.5 Million dollar bonus program. He did this by finishing second in the Florida Derby and winning The Preakness Stakes) (In 2009 Rachel Alexandra was supplemented to the race for an extra $100,000 which was added to the purse).

Note: D. Wayne Lukas swept the 1995 Triple Crown with two different horses.

In 2006, Kentucky Derby Winner Barbaro broke down in the first 100 yards of the Preakness. Bernardini went on to win the prestigious event. Barbaro survived his injuries and was cared for at the New Bolton Center of the University of Pennsylvania but was euthanized January 29, 2007 due to complications from laminitis. This year's ninth race is now called the Barbaro Stakes in his honor.

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Special Bonus

MI Developments Inc. announced August 27, 2010 a special bonus program involving tracks owned by the company that could result in a $5.5 million bonus for the winner of the 2011 Preakness Stakes. MID also announced that purses of the Florida Derby and Santa Anita Derby would both be increased to $1 million. MID said the "historic and unique bonus program" called "Preakness 5.5" is designed to "allow both east and west coast based 3-year-olds to qualify by having the preliminary races at Gulfstream Park, Santa Anita Park and Golden Gate Fields."

In addition to the purses earned in the qualifying races and the Preakness on May 21, 2011, the owner of a horse winning the bonus would receive $5 million and the trainer would get $500,000. "The purpose of this grand prize is to provide a spectacular event for the fans and to create a potential life changing experience for the stakeholders of the racing industry," Frank Stronach, chairman of MID, said in a statement.

To qualify for the Preakness 5.5 at Gulfstream Park, a horse must win either the Holy Bull Stakes or the Fountain of Youth Stakes and then go on to win the Florida Derby on April 3, 2011. To qualify for the Preakness 5.5 at Santa Anita Park, a horse must win either the Robert B. Lewis Stakes or San Felipe Stakes and then go on to win the Santa Anita Derby. The winner of the El Camino Real Derby, which is scheduled to be run on Feb. 12, 2011 at Golden Gate Fields, will also qualify for the Preakness 5.5 if it goes on to win the Santa Anita Derby.

MID also announced that XpressBet will sponsor the XpressBet.55, a consolation prize of $550,000 ($500,000 to the owner and $50,000 to the trainer) to be awarded to the winner of the 2011 Preakness if that horse was not eligible for the Preakness $5.5 million bonus but was a runner in one of the initial qualifying races and finished first, second, or third at the Santa Anita Derby or Florida Derby.

Paths to $5,500,000 Preakness Bonus:
1) win Holy Bull Stakes + win the Florida Derby + win The Preakness Stakes
2) win Fountain of Youth Stakes + win the Florida Derby + win The Preakness Stakes
3) win Robert B. Lewis Stakes + win the Santa Anita Derby + win The Preakness Stakes
4) win San Felipe Stakes + win the Santa Anita Derby + win The Preakness Stakes
5) win El Camino Real Derby + win the Santa Anita Derby + win The Preakness Stakes

Paths to $550,000 XpressBet Bonus:
1) run in Holy Bull Stakes + win, place or show in the Florida Derby or win, place or show in the Santa Anita Derby + win The Preakness Stakes
2) run in Fountain of Youth Stakes + win, place or show in the Florida Derby or win, place or show in the Santa Anita Derby + win The Preakness Stakes
3) run in Robert B. Lewis Stakes + win, place or show in the Florida Derby or win, place or show in the Santa Anita Derby + win The Preakness Stakes
4) run in San Felipe Stakes + win, place or show in the Florida Derby or win, place or show in the Santa Anita Derby + win The Preakness Stakes
5) run in El Camino Real Derby + win, place or show in the Florida Derby or win, place or show in the Santa Anita Derby + win The Preakness Stakes

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