Manx Radio Explained

Manx Radio
(Radio Manx Ltd.)
Area:Isle of Man
Slogan:The Sound of your Life
Frequency:1368 kHz AM, 89.0 MHz FM, 97.2 MHz FM, 103.7 MHz FM
Airdate:since 29 June 1964
Sister Stations:Radio TT (Only on-air during
the Isle of Man TT races)

Manx Radio (legally Radio Manx Ltd.[1]) (Manx: Radio Vannin) is the national commercial radio station for the Isle of Man.

The station began broadcasting on 29 June 1964, almost ten years before commercial radio was licensed in the United Kingdom. The Isle of Man, having its own government and laws, was not subject to the rules prohibiting commercial broadcasting in the UK. However, the Manx Government still had to apply to the UK's General Post Office for a frequency and for permission to broadcast. First requested in 1960, a licence was eventually, and somewhat begrudgingly, granted.

The station was allocated an FM frequency of 89.0 MHz and a comparatively low power. In October 1964, an additional frequency of 1600 kHz AM was allocated to the station to provide greater coverage.

Manx Radio broadcasts mainly in English with a few hours a week devoted to broadcasting in Manx. During the Isle of Man TT some programmes are broadcast in other European languages, such as French and German.

Current frequencies

Manx Radio now broadcasts on 1368 kHz AM to the whole island; 89.0 MHz (from Snaefell) for the north of the island; 97.2 MHz FM (from Douglas/Carnane) for the south of the island; and 103.7 MHz (from Jurby) for the island's hills. An additional low-power transmitter covers Ramsey on a frequency of 89.5 MHz.

Company structure

Manx Radio is the island's public service broadcaster. It was originally run by the Isle of Man Broadcasting Commission, a state-owned body, under the name Isle of Man Broadcasting Company. In 1980 the company was moved to an arms-length operation using the name Radio Manx Limited (the on-air name did not change). Since 1994, the shares in Radio Manx Limited have been held by the Manx Radio Trust, further distancing the station from Tynwald. Nevertheless, the company remains responsible to Tynwald and its operations are reviewed annually.

Radio TT

During the Isle of Man TT races, the 1368 kHz frequency becomes Manx Radio TT, providing news and results on the races.


English language presenters

Manx language presenters

Manx Radio news

Manx Radio employs ten broadcast journalists, responsible for hourly news bulletins and the flagship thrice-daily programme Mandate, broadcast at breakfast (7:30-8:30am), lunchtime (1-1:15pm) and drivetime (5:30-6pm).

News staff

News Editor
Marian KennyNew Media Editor
Graham BellSports Editor
Tim GloverBroadcast Journalists
Howard Caine
Beth Espey
James Davis (also Agenda Monday presenter)
Edward OldhamNews Journalists
John Moss (also presents Mandate AM & Perspective)
Jason RobertsSports Journalist
Chris Kinley (also presents The Morning Show & Saturday Live)

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