List of racing drivers who died in racing crashes explained

As auto racing is a dangerous sport, many individuals (including drivers, crew members, officials and spectators) have been killed in crashes related to the sport, either in a race, in qualifying, in practice or a private testing session. Although deaths among racers and spectators were numerous in the early years of racing, advances in safety technology and sanctioning bodies limiting speed through specifications or engineering means, deaths have become much less common in recent years. Spectacular accidents have often spurred increased safety measures and even rules changes. The worst motorsports accident was Pierre Levegh's 1955 crash at Le Mans that killed him and about 80 spectators.

Top five most dangerous tracks for competitors:

This is a list alphabetically sorted, and structured after the kind of competition, of the more notable drivers, excluding motorcycle riders. In addition, several famous racing drivers have been killed in public road crashes, see List of people who died in road accidents.

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Horstmeyer, William A. (1930-1964) USAC National Championship Series, Illinois State Fairgrounds, 22 Aug 1964

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Open wheel types

Deaths in Champ Car World Series

See main article: article and List of Champ Car fatal accidents. Six drivers were killed in the history of the series, which ran between 1979 and 2007:

Deaths in Formula One World Championship

See main article: article and List of Formula One fatal accidents. In F1 history, from 1954 to 1994, 27 drivers have died during race or in free practice or qualifying session. In addition, spectators or track workers have died due to incidents in the 1953 Argentine Grand Prix, 1961 Italian Grand Prix, 1962 Monaco Grand Prix, 1975 Spanish Grand Prix, 1977 South African Grand Prix, 1977 Japanese Grand Prix, 1981 Belgian Grand Prix, 2000 Italian Grand Prix and 2001 Australian Grand Prix.

  1. 1954, 31 July: Marimón, Onofre, 1954 German Grand Prix, during qualifying session
  2. 1958, 6 July: Musso, Luigi, 1958 French Grand Prix
  3. 1958, 3 August: Collins, Peter, 1958 German Grand Prix
  4. 1958, 25 October: Lewis-Evans, Stuart, 1958 Morocco Grand Prix, in hospital six days after race accident
  5. 1960, 19 June: Bristow, Chris, 1960 Belgian Grand Prix
  6. 1960, 19 June: Stacey, Alan, 1960 Belgian Grand Prix
  7. 1961, 10 September: Berghe von Trips, Wolfgang, 1961 Italian Grand Prix
  8. 1964, 2 August: de Beaufort, Carel Godin, 1964 German Grand Prix, during qualifying session
  9. 1966, 7 August: Taylor, John, 1966 German Grand Prix
  10. 1967, 7 May: Bandini, Lorenzo, 1967 Monaco Grand Prix
  11. 1968, 7 July: Schlesser, Jo, 1968 French Grand Prix
  12. 1969, 1 August: Mitter, Gerhard, 1969 German Grand Prix, during qualifying session
  13. 1970, 21 June: Courage, Piers, 1970 Dutch Grand Prix
  14. 1970, 6 September: Rindt, Jochen, 1970 Italian Grand Prix, during qualifying session
  15. 1973, 29 July: Williamson, Roger, 1973 Dutch Grand Prix
  16. 1973, 7 October: Cevert, François, 1973 United States Grand Prix, during qualifying session
  17. 1974, 22 March: Revson, Peter, 1974 South African Grand Prix, during free practice, one week before race
  18. 1974, 6 October: Koinigg, Helmuth, 1974 United States Grand Prix
  19. 1975, 17 August: Donohue, Mark, 1975 Austrian Grand Prix, in hospital one day after accident during warm up session
  20. 1977, 5 March: Pryce, Tom, 1977 South African Grand Prix
  21. 1978, 11 September: Peterson, Ronnie, 1978 Italian Grand Prix, in hospital one day after accident
  22. 1980, 1 August: Depailler, Patrick, 1980 German Grand Prix, during Alfa Romeo free practice, ten days before race
  23. 1982, 8 May: Villeneuve, Gilles, 1982 Belgian Grand Prix, during qualifying session
  24. 1982, 13 June: Paletti, Riccardo, 1982 Canadian Grand Prix
  25. 1986, 15 May: de Angelis, Elio, during Brabham testing in France, The Paul Ricard Circuit
  26. 1994, 30 April: Ratzenberger, Roland, 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, during qualifying session
  27. 1994, 1 May: Senna, Ayrton, 1994 San Marino Grand Prix (see also Death of Ayrton Senna)

Deaths in Formula 2

Deaths in Formula 3000

Deaths in IRL

See also List of Indianapolis 500 deaths

Deaths in junior openwheel categories

Stock car types

Deaths in NASCAR Winston Cup/Nextel Cup/Sprint Cup (since 1971)

Deaths in NASCAR Busch Series (since 1982)

Deaths in NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series (since 1995)

Deaths in NASCAR Modified Series

Deaths in NASCAR Sportsman Series

Deaths in Auto Racing Club of America


Deaths in FIA World Rally Championship

See main article: List of fatal World Rally Championship accidents.

Deaths in Sports Car Club of America

Deaths in other rally races

Drag Racing

Deaths in IHRA

Deaths in NHRA

Endurance racing

Deaths in 24 Hours of Le Mans

See main article: List of 24 Hours of Le Mans fatal accidents.

Deaths in 1000km Nürburgring

Deaths in Grand-Am

Other Endurance races


Sprint Cars

Deaths in United States Automobile Club

Deaths in National Sprint Tour

Deaths in World of Outlaws

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