List of air stations of the Royal Navy explained

This is a list of Naval Air Stations of the Royal Navy. Naval Air Stations are military airbases, and consist of permanent land-based operations locations for the military aviation division of the Royal Navy, namely the Fleet Air Arm.

=Current Naval Air Stations=Currently RNAS means "Royal Naval Air Station" and, in common with the Royal Air Force, is always followed by a geographical place in which the air station is located.(Historically RNAS is the "Royal Naval Air Service")

=Former Naval Air Stations=

=Former Naval Air Stations by ship name (HMS xxx)=HMS means Her Majesty's Ship (or His Majesty's Ship if before February 1952).

Some smaller and some very early Naval Air Stations in the list above were not commissioned as HM Ships. Those below were commissioned and, therefore, have a ship's name. Royal Navy shore bases and naval air stations have traditionally been named in the same manner as seagoing ships.

Officers were appointed to HMS xxx rather than to RNAS xxx and, similarly, ratings' Service Certificates will show only the name of the ship when drafted to a Naval Air Station. Thus, this list may help when researching family history records.

= References =

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