List of UML tools explained

This article lists Unified Modeling Language tools, classified by their proprietary or non-proprietary status.

Comparison of non-proprietary UML tools

NameCreatorOSFirst public releaseLatest stable versionSoftware licenseOpen source
AcceleoObeocross-platform (Java / Eclipse)2006-032.5.1EPLYes (Java)1998-040.26BSDYes
BOUMLBruno Pagèscross-platform (C++/Qt)2005-02-264.11GPLYes
Eclipse UML2 ToolsEclipse Foundation?cross-platform (Java)Planning1.1 PlannedGPL?Yes?
Jink UMLNethercross-platform (Java)2008-12-11.745MITYes
Modelio Free EditionModeliosoftWindows20091.0?Yes
StarUMLPlastic SoftwareWindows2005-11-015GPL, modifiedYes
Umbrello UML ModellerUmbrello TeamLinux2006-09-092.0.0GPLYes
Frame UMLFrameWindows2009-01-092.x.xGPL V3Yes
TopCased??cross-platform (Java)2005-102.3.0EPLYes


NameProgramming language usedApproachLanguages generatedReverse engineered languagesIntegrated with
AcceleoJavaMDA, templateJEE, C#, Java, PHP, Python.Eclipse, EMF
ModelioJava, C++ corefull UML2 support; integrated BPMN support. XMI import; HTML and MS-Word document generation.Java, C#, C++, XSD, WSDLEclipse, EMF
StarUMLPlug-in architecture: C++, Delphi, C#, VB,C#
Eclipse UML2 ToolsJavaJava (or Eclipse project supported?)Java (or Eclipse project supported?)Eclipse
Umbrello UML ModellerC++, KDEC++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python... 16C++, IDL, Pascal/Delphi, Ada, Python, Java; import XMI, RoseMDLKDE?
TopCasedJavaMDA and lots of featrues like scripting and simulatorsJava, Python, C++Afull and Powerfull tool that you can write model transformations, run stae diagram simulation and do reverse and directJava code generation from the model,Eclipse, EMF
Frame UMLC++A UML tool, support UML2.xx, and embed JavaScript, so you can generate source code from model by JSAlmost any language you want if you can write JavaScript to generate it.Java(partial), but you can use JavaScript to reverse other languages to modelNo

List of non-proprietary UML tools

Eclipse and EMF template-based system for source-code generation from UML models. a Java-based open source free UML modelling tool, follows the UML standard. Can forward and reverse engineer Java code. Eclipse Public License -v 1.0 EPL . a Java-based open source free UML modelling tool, closely follows the UML standard. Can reverse engineer Java code (Plugins available for other languages, inc. c#). BSD license.

a platform-independent UML-tool for C++, based on wxWidgets.

multi-platform UML 2.0 toolbox. Can generate C++/Java/IDL/PHP/Python and reverse engineer C++/Java/PHP Very high performance (written in C++ with Qt). Licensed under the GNU GPL.

a C/C++ Uml modeling tool under zlib/libpng license.

a GTK+/GNOME diagramming tool that also supports UML (licensed under the GNU GPL)

with Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and UML 2.0 (meta model without GUI) projects.

GUI for the Eclipse UML2 Implementation with 5 diagram types

Graphical UML Editor plugin for Eclipse based on Eclipse UML2Tools that supports Python roundtrip, views and live validation

Acronym for "From UML to Java And Back Again". Allows modeling behaviour using story diagrams.

a GTK+/GNOME UML 2.0 modeling environment written in Python

An interactive theorem proof environment for UML/OCL (licensed under the GNU GPL).

Easy to use UML Tool for Java (licensed under MIT).

part of the KOffice project

a tool for metrics-based quality-analysis and better comprehension of UML models

based on the Mono, GTK+ and ExpertCoder. Can reverse engineer executables and .NET assemblies.

available in NetBeans 6.0 full edition, or as a downloadable plugin in Plugin Manager, or with NetBeans IDE 5.5 Enterprise Pack

open source UML modeling tool (licensed under the GNU GPL).

an open source UML2 tool based on Eclipse and licensed under the EPL ( See also Topcased below.

an open-source UML/MDA platform for Microsoft Windows, licensed under a modified version of GNU GPL, mostly written in Delphi

model-driven architecture "on rails" (licensed under the GNU LGPL)

open-source UML 2 diagramming tool implemented in Java, requiring Java SE 6 or later (licensed under the GNU GPL) Set of eclipse-based open source model editors, transformation and formal verification tools. Modelling languages include SysML. Development sponsored by European aerospace manufacturers. A merge with Papyrus is in preparation (2007).

tool which adapts SWITCH-technology for UML notation. Ideas and description can be found in

part of KDE. Forward- and reverse-engineering for C++/Java/Perl/PHP/Python and other programming languages.

a .NET based UML tool supporting generation of C# code

a UML modeller written in C++/wxWidgets (licensed under the GNU GPL)

a UML tool for PalmOS

an open source tool suite, which allows the declarative specification and drawing of UML class and sequence diagrams.

a Java-based UML tool (licensed under the GNU GPL)

a use cases management tool (licensed under the GNU LGPL)

an easy-to-use Java-based UML Editor; fully integrated into Eclipse; licensed under the GNU GPL

an open source tool that transforms, simulates and executes models developed using third-party UML 2.0 modelers

Proprietary UML tools

Potential users can freely download versions of most of the following tools; such versions usually impose limits in capability and/or by a time-period.

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