I54 Explained

Company Name:i54
Company Type:Not Classified
Founder:Advantage West Midlands
Location City:Wolverhampton
Location Country:UK
Industry:Manufacturing, Offices, Research, Hotels, IT and Technology
Homepage:www.advantagewm.co.uk www.sstafs.gov.uk www.wolverhamptoncity.co.uk

i54 is a 220 acre (98 hectare) site at Wobaston Road, Pendeford, on the boundary of South Staffordshire and Wolverhampton which is under development for a technology-based business park.

The site is on the northern side of Wobaston Road, just to the west of the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal with the M54 motorway running across the northern part of the site.

The aim

The aim of this site is to deliver major employment opportunities and maximise job creation potential in key industries. It will also play a key role in the diversification and growth of the regional economy. It is also believed that i54 will achieve high standards of sustainability.

The regeneration project is a flagship join venture between Advantage West Midlands and Wolverhampton City Council with the support of South Staffordshire Council.

Project costs and details

The cost of the project to the 98 hectare site is estimated to be costing £67 million GBP and was granted crucial planning approvals from two local authorities in September 2006.

In August 2006 contractors to the site started the second major phase of the scheme, a £5 million GBP 12 month programme of infrastructure and reclamation work.

On Tuesday 3 July 2007 key partners for the project toasted the substantial completion of a £10 million GBP programme of remmediation and site preparation works on the i54 site. The site preparation work ran over a 16 month period and has been carried out by Blackwell and supervised by Mouchel Parkman engineering consultancy. During this time the following was achieved:

Other statistics include:

Prospective tenants

There have not been many details released as yet about the tenants of the technology park, however it has been rumoured that the University of Wolverhampton maybe having a technology centre on the site. It is also rumoured that the first development plot on the site could be ready for occupation by the Summer of 2008.

Usage potential

Previous use

The i54 site was a former sewage treatment works which was not used for many years.