F5 (band) explained

Img Capt:F5 at The Haunt in Ithaca, NY
featuring David Ellefson on bass guitar.
Origin:Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Genre:Heavy metal
Hard rock
Years Active:2003–Present
Label:Mascot Records (2004-2006)
Cleopatra Records (2005)
Underwater Records (2005)[1]
OarFin Dist., Inc. (2008)
Associated Acts:David Ellefson
Jimmy DeGrasso
Current Members:David Ellefson
Dale Steele
Steve Conley
John Davis
Jimmy DeGrasso
Past Members:Dave Small

F5 is a heavy metal band which features former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso. F5 is based out of Phoenix, Arizona.[2]


David Ellefson with Megadeth

Before F5 was formed, David Ellefson was the bassist and Jimmy DeGrasso was the drummer for the multi-platinum heavy metal thrash band Megadeth.



David Ellefson's career with Megadeth ceased in 2002. Thereafter, he went on to produce two local bands called Numb, which is where he met Dale Steele, and Lifted, which is where he met Steve Conley and Dave Small.[3] After recruiting John Davis, F5 was then formed.

The Debut Album

In 2005, F5 released their debut album entitled A Drug For All Seasons. F5 toured vigorously in support of the album, including opening for Staind for one tour date on the Jägermeister Music Tour in 2006.[4] MTV premiered the music video of F5's song Dissidence. In 2007 shortly after the tour David Small parted ways with F5 he was replaced by Jimmy Degrasso.

From Debut To Compilation

F5's song Dissidence is included on a compilation CD called Unleashed 3.[5] The song is track number 7 on the CD. This compilation CD also features other musicians who are or were from bands like Rob Zombie, Queensryche, Metal Church, Dropbox, Soulfly, as well as others.[6]

Back In The Studio

The following is a quote from the News page of F5's official website:

F5 have entered the studio to record the follow-up to their 2005 debut "A Drug for All Seasons". The new record is being produced by Ryan Greene at his Crush Recording studio in Scottsdale, AZ. The band called in bassist David Ellefson's longtime rhythm section cohort Jimmy DeGrasso to play drums on the album which follows the recent departure of original F5 drummer Dave Small. "This looks to be a very musically invigorating record", says Ellefson. "No doubt there will be hints of F5's past sound on the disc but these new songs are definitely developing in a much more progressive direction." A worldwide release is slated for spring of 2008 through Oarfin Distribution.[7]




Band Members

Current members

Former Members




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