F'lessan Explained

F'lessan is a fictional character in the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. He is the rider of bronze Golanth.

A Benden Weyr native, F'lessan was born as "Felessan", and is the son of the Benden Weyrleaders, F'lar and Lessa. Since Lessa nearly died giving birth to him, he has no full siblings (nor any known half-siblings). Through Lessa, F'lessan is related to Lord Kale of Ruatha Hold, Lessa's late father, who was killed, as well as almost all of Ruathan blood, by Fax.

When he was young, F'lessan befriended young Lord Jaxom, prior to Jaxom taking on his full duties at the Ruathan Holdship. In his early teens, F'lessan Impressed a bronze, young Golanth, from a clutch of Ramoth and Mnementh, his parents' dragons. Over the Turns, F'lessan and Golanth (called "Golly") became one of the key young dragonpairs that helped to stop Thread from returning. F'lessan also fell in love with Tai, a young Monaco Bay rider of green Zaranth, in "The Skies of Pern". He has three sons, including S'lon, a brown rider.

F'lessan later discovered and restored the abandoned Honshu Hold which he claimed and called "Honshu Weyrhold".

F'lessan and his dragon was injured in a skirmish involving felines in "The Skies of Pern", but recovered, though his dragon was permanently handicapped.