F'Ryan Coblebay explained

F'ryan Coblebay is a fictional character in the Green Rider series of novels by Kristen Britain.

F'Ryan Coblebay is the Green Rider who died while trying to get an important message to King Zachary. Karigan G'ladheon found him dying on the road with two arrows in his back and agreed to carry on his mission for him. He fought the power of Shawdell the Eletian to help his message arrive successfully, and appears as a ghost to Karigan in Green Rider with two arrows in his back that are said to cause him constant, unbearable pain.

He helps the other ghosts of previous Green Riders and Karigan with the Wild Ride. Karigan breaks the arrows that were in the back of his body and frees him from the service of Shawdell the Eletian.