Agamudaya Mudaliar Explained

Group:Agamudaya/Thuluva Vellala Mudaliar
அகமுடைய/துலுவ வெள்ளாள முதலியார்
Classification:landlord, warrior
Subdivisions:Arcot Mudaliar, Ponneri Mudaliar, Poonamallee Mudaliar
Popplace:Tamil Nadu
Languages:Mother tongue is Tamil, Kannada, Telugu
Related:Tamil people, Mudaliars

Agamudaya Mudaliar or Arcot Mudaliar is a caste from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. They are one of the castes using Mudaliar title for many centuries. They, combined with Thuluva Vellalar, a Vellalar sub-caste originated from Tulu nadu are now known by the names Agamudayar/Arcot/Thuluva Vellala Mudaliar. Their presence is significant in the Northern districts of Tamil Nadu. [1] .


Agamudaya Mudaliar

They had served in the regiments of the Chola and Pandya dynasty and are Non-Vellalas. The community had migrated from the Southern districts of Tamil Nadu many centuries ago. The were called by the names Mudali and Udaiyar when they had served in the above Kingdoms as regiment captains and soldiers.

Thuluva Vellala Mudaliar

Thuluva Vellalar or Tuluva or Tulumar is a sub-caste of Vellalars and were immigrants from the Tulunad, a part of the modern district of South Canara. A King named Athondai Chakravarthy had brought down the people of Thuluva Vellalar to the present day Thondaimandalam of Tamil Nadu. Athondai Chakravarthy had established his rule over Northern Tamil Nadu after winning the battle over the Kurumbar. This is the reason that part of North Tamil Nadu was named as Thondaimandalam, named after this victorious king. It has also been noted that Athondai Chakravarthy had brought Vellalars from Srisailam to settle down at Thondaimandalam.

Mudali title usage

As early as the 13th century, Agamudayars were using the Mudaliar title. The source cited below illustrates the accounts of the temple of Rajaraja-Isvaram-Udaiyar at Rajraja-Kulattur in Tiruvindalur-nadu, a subdivision of Rajraja-valanadu were audited by Kayiladamudaiyan alias Solakon-Pallavaraiyar, an Agambadi-Mudali of Solakon, between the 23rd and 25th [days of Adi]. They are also known as Agamudi or Agambadi Vellalars.



Culture and customs

Their culture is similar to the other Tamilians. The festivals of Navrathri Kolu and Varalakshmi Nonbu are prevalent in their customs. The Agamduya Mudalis mostly do not intermarry. Some intermarry with other Mudaliar castes such as Sengunthar and Saiva Vellalar.

Famous Personalities

Freedom Fighters

Freedom fighter from Vellore.


Tamil comedy Actor.

Tamil Film Director & Actor

Kannada actor

Kannada Music Director


Mayor of Madras(1928-30), Member-Advisor in High Level "War Committee" formed by the British PM Sir. Winson Churchill during the World Wars, Member-Advisor in all the 3 London-Round Table Conferences(1930,'31,'32);Commerce member of the Viceroy's Council;Indian Representative & Leader in 1945 and his efforts put India as a Member Nation in the U.N.; Chief of U.N. Finance Committee; Diwan of Mysore(1946-49) and his efforts put Mysore in joining the Indian Union in 1949; Vice Chancellor of University of Kerala(1951-61), Travancore ; Chairman-The Shipping Corporation of India; FOUNDER Chairman & Managing Director of ICICI (1955) -Industrial Credits & Investment Corporation of India.

First Indian principal of the Madras Medical College, Served as Chairman-UNESCO; Vice Chancellor, University of Madras for the Longest Tenure of 27 Yrs; Chairman-W.H.O, Younger Twin Brother of Sir. A.Ramaswami Mudaliar.




Writer and trade union Leader known as Thiru.Vi.Ka.


India Women's Cricket Team Captain



Known as Vardha Bhai; former prominent underworld kingpin of 70s. Tamil movie Nayagan was based on his life story


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